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Testing Service

Mobile Testing

Verify Quality of Mobile Apps on real modern mobile platforms, utilizing real network operators. It assumes checking functionality, usability, performance, security, installability and other characteristics of a mobile application.

Why are mobile testing services necessary?

Less tolerance from users

Users are less tolerant to mobile applications than to desktop ones, and, as a rule, mobile programs contain more defects. It means that one should pay more attention to QA of mobile software.

More efforts required

Testing of mobile software products is as important as testing of desktop ones. Mobile testing requires even more efforts in some aspects.

Wide Experience

Experts in Weaknesses

Individual Approach

Testing in Real Life

Professional Testers

Extensive Testing Lab

Functional Testing

Why is functional testing necessary?

Functional testing services are aimed to verify whether the software product complies with the functional requirements indicated in its specification.

Application functionality must be verified in scope of:

Module testing

At this stage we check in the context of our software testing services whether functions of the separate modules operate properly.

Integration testing

At this stage we verify if the functions involving interaction of the system modules work as intended.

System testing

At this stage our quality assurance team carefully examines functionality of the whole system.

Proper test automated testing services consist of:

elaboration of the requirements;
creating the test strategy and plan;
writing the code;
verifying the scripts.

One shouldn’t also forget about maintenance of the tests. Automated tests should be easily maintained. If their maintenance is time and labor consuming, the tests may turn to be loss making. Automated tests are software products. So, one must refer to the process of automating tests as to any other software development process.

It is recommended to automate only the tests that will run many times in course of the project; if tests are to be performed only once, it is unprofitable to automate them.

Testers focus on such aspects during usability testing:

Speed of learning

How fast the users learn to perform necessary tasks with the help of the application.

Problems identification

What problems the users face executing the tasks by means of the program.

Time measuring

How much time the users need on solving the problems that appear in course of performing the tasks.

Some advices on automation of user interface testing:

Hierarchically organized scripts

The scripts should be hierarchically organized in compliance with the software objects hierarchy.

One script for one object

Each script should verify one function of an object. If there are several similar or related functions, they may be tested by one script.

Use replay instruments

It is reasonable to utilize an instrument that can replay the scripts automatically and check if the application correctly responds.

The instrument should call the tested objects by their names, not rely on their location or other characteristic as they are frequently changed during software development process.

Widely utilized mobile browsers are:

Firefox, Chrome, Maxthon, Opera, Dolphin on Android platforms;
Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Opera Mini, Mercury Browser, Puffin Browser Free on iOS platforms;
Internet Explorer, Maxthon, UC Browser, Nokia Xpress, Next Browser on Windows Phone platforms. This list can be continued. Besides, each browser has numerous versions. Elements of a web application can behave differently on each browser and even on different versions of the same browser.

Why is load testing necessary?

Load testing

Assumes determining whether the application operates properly under certain workloads, what problems happen during functioning under the loads.

Performance testing

Aims at finding bottlenecks in the tested program and establishing its benchmarkbehavior rather than at discovering defects.

Stress testing

Testers try to break the tested application by means of overloading it or taking away resources from it.

Volume testing

Is concentrated on verifying how the application copes with increasing volume of data.

Reliability testing

Is focused on determining whether the system properly operates under certain load for a long time.

3 the most important characteristics of an ecommerce sites are


Everything must be understandable, convenient and pleasant for the users on an online store.


An online store must work fast, the users do not like to wait.


The users’ sensitive data must be safe. These aspects make up the basis of online business profitability, and the testing process should focus on them.

Why are web application testing services necessary?

Nowadays business struggle between all kinds of online services, shops, web applications and sites is tough. It made the users fastidious.
They do not like to wait, don’t tolerate functional, usability or other defects. If something doesn’t suit them in your web application, they find another with similar functionality but without errors that irritate them.
Besides, errors in some web services can result in losing or corrupting user personal data, financial losses, even cause health risks followed by lawsuits and other unpleasant consequences.
So, every web software product must be thoroughly verified before release. It ensures that the system will operate as intended, be popular among the users and bring benefits to its owners.

Why is it necessary to perform SEO testing of web sites?

Optimization and usability

It is important to make a web site both search engine optimized and user-friendly. These two aspects are of vital importance for a successful online business.
SEO is aimed at making the web site compliant with search engines and showing it to the potential customers.

Changes of ranks algorithms

Nowadays tendencies in search engines and online technologies often change; new products and opportunities appear.
That is why it is wise to conduct SEO testing at least 2 times a year. In this case one can be sure that the web site has good positions in popular search engines, attracts many visitors and efficiently converts them into customers.